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Coles' response to the True Food Network reveals a backslide on polluted, GE feed.
Coles' response to the True Food Network reveals a backslide on polluted, GE feed.
Coles one step closer to okaying GE chicken meat

In June, True Food members who took action to stop GE animal feed from seeping into our food supply should have received an email from the supermarket. In an attempt to fob-off customer's complaints about polluted, GE animal feed, Coles states their 'strong preference' for non-GE feed and promises that they follow all the laws when it comes to genetically engineered toxins.

Unfortunately, Australia's current laws openly allow GE pollution in our food. Coles also completely fails to mention its chicken products. This is a serious omission, because we know that poultry producers are the most likely culprits when it comes to using dodgy GE feed.

The good thing is there is a solution. There are heaps of non-GE animal feed alternatives on the market. GE crops are only a tiny part of the Australian agricultural landscape and 50 per cent of Brazilian soy, which we import to feed chickens, is non-GE. That means that stores like Coles have absolutely no excuses not to use non-GE feed; all we need to do is show them that it would be worth their while, because customers care whether their food is polluted with GE.

Email Coles and let them know there are no excuses when it comes to selling customers polluted, GE chicken meat.

Here's some points you could include:

  • Your latest email on animal feed fails to mention poultry. Does that mean you're selling customers polluted, GE chicken meat?
  • I don't want to eat products contaminated with toxic genes and that certainly goes for chicken meat.
  • There are plenty of non-GE feed alternatives in Australia and around the world. There is no excuse for Coles selling poor quality chicken meat to its customers.
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