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Kids' lunchboxes aren't a science experiment!

Yep, it’s hectic down here at Truefood HQ in the Greenpeace office.  Once again we’re running through our list of Australia’s favourite food producers and digging and lobbying to get GM off your plates and out of your kids' lunchboxes.

Kids love treats.  But because they’re still growing they’re also the most at risk from the potential health issues around GM.  Just as importantly, more than us oldies, they’ll suffer the consequences of GM crops contaminating the natural environment.

That’s why this year we’ll be producing our first themed Truefood guide; an extra-special kids' edition (which really means it’s a parents edition).  We’re out to green kids' lunchboxes.

When we announced in May that Goodman Fielder, owner of some of Australia’s most trusted brands, had stayed Australian and, more importantly, stayed GM-free, it was cause for reserved celebration.  Happily, this big Australian has continued to move in the right direction.

Mighty Soft bread and Meadow Lea margarine are lunchbox staples and Australian parents can continue to send their little ones off to school, confident their sandwiches are free of GM contamination.

Now, it’s time to push the supermarkets to follow Goodman Fielder’s lead.  Coles and Woolies, along with up-and-comers IGA and Aldi, are responsible for a massive chunk of Australia’s grocery buy and it's important that shoppers can trust these guys with their kids meals too.

So far, Coles have been leaders in the supermarket sector, but they’re in danger of slipping – especially when it comes to chickens


If you’re a Coles shopper, send them the message that you want to see them go 100% GM-free and stay there.

And tell Woolworths that their Homebrand and Select lines;  IGA, their Signature and Black & Gold; and Aldi that their exclusive brands won’t make it into your kids’ lunches until they guarantee they’re GM-free.

It is not difficult for any Australian company to source GM-free ingredients, and that includes animal feed.  All it takes is the strong message from Australian shoppers that Aussie kids' lunchboxes aren't the place for a science experiment.

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