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GM activists protecting parents' right to know escape conviction
GM activists protecting parents' right to know escape conviction
GM activists' charges dismissed


The six Greenpeace and Truefood network members arrested in Woolworths for protesting GM contamination of S-26 Soy infant formula have escaped conviction.

Sarah Roberts, Melissa Freeburn, Rebecca Evenden, Anna Parente, Claire Parfitt and Olivia Rosenmann took action in Woolworth's supermarket in Neutral Bay on September 27. They labelled S-26 Soy products 'GM contaminated', protesting that the loopholes in Australia's GM labelling laws are stopping parents from knowing that they are feeding GM to their babies.

Magistrate Susan McIntyre noted each activists extensive commitment to community service and "high moral standing." The magistrate placed each of the activists on a six month good behaviour bond, but did not convict them of trespass.

Speaking to the media on the day of the hearing, Greenpeace GM campaigner, Laura Kelly, said it was outrageous that parents had to be arrested and charged just to defend the right to know if there is untested GM DNA in their babies' food.

Take action to label GM food!

If you haven't already emailed Federal Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, to demand GM labelling, then click here.



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