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Parents' Right to Know

In September, Truefood activists demanded that unlabelled, contaminated infant formula be removed from supermarket shelves. In October, Greenpeace met with politicians in Canberra, demanding that they close the loopholes in our GM labelling laws. Now Greenpeace and the Truefood Network are asking community leaders to sign-on to a pledge affirming a very basic value - parents' right to know what's in their children's food.

The 'Parents' Right to Know' pledge states that all parents have a right to know if there is GM in the food they are feeding their family. The pledge affirms the value of truth in labelling, including GM labelling. Greenpeace is asking all supermarkets and baby food makers to sign the pledge. We are also asking big community groups, like trade unions, childcare co-operatives and the Country Women's Association, to state their support for parent's right to know.

If you are a member of a large community or health-focused organisation and think your organisation would like to sign the Parents' Right to Know pledge, please contact us at We are also looking for Truefood Network members who would be willing to volunteer some of their time on a Saturday morning at one of our farmers' markets stalls. Volunteers on these stalls will be asking shoppers to read our leaflets on GM and to email Health Minister Nicola Roxon, to demand that all GM in food is labelled. Contact

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