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French scientist discovers signs of toxic effects related to eating GM foods

Well known in Europe for his research with GM foods at the University of Caen and as an expert advisor for the French and European Governments, Professor Seralini gave lectures at the University of Technology Sydney, the Australian National University in Canberra, the University of South Australia in Adelaide and Murdoch University in Perth.

We’ve summarised the worrying results of his research:

  • In 2007, Professor Séralini’s team published a peer-reviewed study involving a re-analysis of data from the Monsanto 90-day rat feeding study conducted with GM corn (MON863). Alarmingly, they found signs of liver and kidney toxicity.
  • Between 2007 and 2011 Prof. Séralini’s team published peer-reviewed studies which showed the toxic effects of the Roundup® herbicide on human embryonic cells and mammalian testicular cells. They found that Roundup – which is absorbed by the pervasive RoundUp Ready GM crops - has  potentially endocrine-disrupting effects. I.e. it may be causing hormonal diseases when consumed over a period of time.
  • In a peer-reviewed paper published this year Professor Séralini’s team found new indications that insecticidal Bt toxins like those produced in GM plants can be detrimental to human cells. According to companies like Monsanto, Bt toxins are only active against particular insects and should have no effect on mammals and humans. For the first time however, experiments shown that they can affect human cells. These kinds of investigations are not a requirement for risk assessment in Australia or in any other region of the world.

Read more about Professor Seralini’s findings on ABC Science Online, click here

Listen to the debate on ABC Radio National between Professor Seralini and Dr Paul Brent, Chief Scientist of Australia’s food regulator, FSANZ, click here


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