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What is GM and why should I care?

As a Truefood Network member, you’re probably not in that group. You most likely know the basic facts about GM, such as :

  • GM foods are made with crops engineered in a way that could not have occurred naturally
  • GM crops are not proven safe for our health and have a devastating impact on the environment
  • Australia’s labelling laws are weak and poorly implemented.
  • Australia’s food regulator doesn’t independently test GM products, but relies on the data provided by GM companies.
  • GM companies patent GM seeds, gaining increasing control of our food supply.
  • The best way to avoid eating GM food is to use the Truefood Guide.

We need your help to ensure the GM issue is discussed around more dinner tables.

So today, please do these two simple tasks.

    1. Watch this simple video about GM foods
    2. Share the video with 20 friends, work mates and family members.

There are over 30,000 people in the Truefood Network. If we each share this video with 20 friends, we can reach 600,000 Australians.  

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