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Happy Mites
Happy Mites
Make us happy little Vegemites

A new brand of our favourite spread has hit the shelves and is looking to win over Aussie hearts. ‘Aussiemite’, the new Australian-owned version of Vegemite, has certainly made a winning move by committing to be GM-free.

Kraft foods– the owner of Vegemite- is yet to commit to using only GM-free ingredients  We want to give Kraft one more chance. If so many other brands can be GM-free, can’t Kraft make us happy little Vegemites as well?

Take action: Contact Kraft and ask why it won’t listen to its consumers and who want GM-free products.

Email Kraft or Post a question on the Kraft Facebook page

Heard back? Tell us what Kraft said so we can update the Truefood Guide. Email any responses to or post on our Facebook page.

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