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Truefoodie of the month: Bizzy Lizzy

At the Truefood Network we are passionate about our food and where it comes from. The Truefoodie of the month, food blogger, Bizzy Lizzy, reminds us that we need to connect with the people at the source of our food.

"People today have little or no contact with farming and therefore have no idea what takes place. As a food writer and cook whose focus has always been on fresh produce, I believe our food must be safe and nourishing.

Shoppers and food foragers must demand natural, healthy foods, and as consumers we should be asking: where does this food come from and how is it being grown. We really can't be certain of the possible harmful effects that GM crops may have on our health, and I certainly don't want to part of an agricultural experiment.

To this end, in a small kitchen garden, my partner and I grow much of our own produce and we prefer to shop at our local Farmer's Markets, where we can connect with the people at the source of the food we buy and eat".

Check out Bizzy Lizzy's food blog here

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