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Maurice Moloney
Maurice Moloney
UK GM wheat trial boss joins CSIRO

It has recently been announced that Professor Maurice Moloney, previously working for the Rothamsted Research in the UK, is leaving his post to join the CSIRO in Australia as Group Executive of Food, Health and Life Science Industries.

His CV includes leading Rothamsted research's GM wheat trials in the UK as well as being key in negotiating a multi-million pound research partnership with Syngenta.

He was also instrumental in developing the world's first transgenic oilseeds, in California, which have given Roundup Ready Canola.


At the time of his appointment of director at the Rothamsted Research facilities, GMwatch described it as "nothing short of a declaration of war on both public concern over GM crops and the conclusions of the IAASTD report". The IAASTD report, produced by over 400 scientists from across the globe and published by the UN, is the most authoritative study ever conducted on agriculture at an international level. The report concluded that GM had little to offer in meeting the major global food and farming challenges.


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