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It's our right to know what's in our food
It's our right to know what's in our food
Demand GE labelling

The GE crop industry is likely to use the review to attempt to weaken our existing GE labelling legislation to pave the way for the introduction of GE wheat. GE bread would require labelling under our existing labelling laws. However, highly processed ingredients, such as canola oil and products from animals fed GE feed, don’t currently require a label. This simply isn't good enough.

The Council of Australian Governments has already said it wants to use the review to cut red tape. It claims that some food labelling laws might place unnecessary regulatory burdens on food manufacturers. Pish tosh. Our health is more important.

Help us to put pressure on the federal government to strengthen our GE labelling laws. Australians should have the same access to information about what’s in their food as Europeans.

What you can do

1. Sign our petition calling for the comprehensive labelling and stringent safety testing of GE food.
2. Post a link to the petition to your Facebook page.
3. Download a PDF of the petition and collect signatures in your local area
4. Post one of the banners below to your website or blog, linking to the petition.


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