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Tell Fosters you want GE-free beer!
Tell Fosters you want GE-free beer!
Do you want GE in your beer?

The Truefood campaign launched our Alcoholic drinks edition in July this year. A wide range of Australian and global brewers, distillers and winemakers are responding to consumer concerns about genetic engineering by removing GE-derived ingredients from their products. GE-free beers rated Green in the guide include James Squire, Peroni, Steinlager, Stella Artois, Toohey's, Heineken, Hahn, Carlsberg and Becks.

However Fosters Group is rated Red in this guide. The beers they produce include Carlton, VB, Crown, Harp,Cascade and Corona.

Do you want these beers to be GE-free? Let Fosters know.

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