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The Good Oil report
The Good Oil report
Which oils are at risk and which are GE-free?

The Good Oil report, released today, found that 45 oil suppliers can now provide a range of non-GE edible oils and margarines at both retail and wholesale levels.

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In 2008, giants Goodman Fielder, Peerless and Unilever ensured their retail-branded oils and margarines were derived from non-GE sources. Following this move, all three can now also provide a range of non-GE oils by request at a wholesale level for the food industry.

"Making the switch to non-GE oils has never been easier," says report author Holly Shiach. "Australia's largest refiners and manufacturers of oils and margarines - Goodman Fielder, Peerless and Unilever - now all offer reliable volumes of a range of non-GE oils. Achievable options exist for non-GE supply chain management for businesses of all sizes."

Canola accounts for almost half of the market share of food industry usage of oils in Australia. It is found largely in processed foods and vegetable oil blends, and has been, until now, non-GE.

The Good Oil report urges food industry buyers to contact their suppliers to ensure non-GE supply specifications are in place and are applied to any domestic canola product. The report higlights the facts that consumers are prepared to pay substantial premiums for a non-GE product.

The report also lists the non-GE brands, including Meadow Lea, ETA, Flora, Logicol, Tablelands and Olive Grove. And, fast-food giant McDonalds, although yet to completely address the non-GE issue, has implemented a non-GE policy for oils.

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Sydney International Food Festival event: 14 October

Which oils are at risk and which are GE-free? What are the health concerns of GE entering Australia’s food supply and why have over 180 top chefs signed the GE-free Chef’s Charter? Get the low down on GE foods and find out why oils ain’t just oils.

Panelists for this free public forum include leading food writer and food activist, John Newton; Master Chef, Alex Herbert from Bird Cow Fish; Dr Carole Hungerford, practicing GP, author and lecturer and Rochelle Porteous, Greenpeace GE Campaigner.

» Get full event details here

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