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Greenpeace investigates GE canola contamination
Greenpeace investigates GE canola contamination
Major grain buyers reject GE canola

GrainCorp (the company that handles Australia's grains) was also forced to reverse its decision to mix GE canola in with the main crop, following intense pressure from farmers and industry. It’s a huge victory to shift such big players and is thanks to the thousands who have voiced their concerns.

In an interview with the Stock and Land Elders Toepfer Grain canola trader Felix Mueller said his company was not buying GE canola due to European resistance. "For export, GM is not workable," he said. "You won't get it into Europe and I don’t think the Japanese are particularly keen on it." He said Elders Toepfer was not buying GE canola, as there was sufficient non-GE to meet their needs.

The buyers are also avoiding purchasing non-GE canola from silos handling GE material because of concerns that it may be contaminated. Segregation of non-GE and GE canola failed in Canada and there is ino reason to suggest the same won't happen here.


Buyers snub GM canola, Stock and Land
Tricky times ahead in marketing GM crop, Stock and Land

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