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West Australians such as chef Ian Parmenter don't want to eat GM food
West Australians such as chef Ian Parmenter don't want to eat GM food
West Australians reject GM food and want GM crop ban extended

These are the results from a Newspoll survey released today (1).

The survey conducted among a representative sample of 300 West Australians aged 18+, including 216 main grocery buyers, found that 61 per cent of these grocery buyers would not buy genetically modified food.

Further, 53 per cent of West Australian adults believe that the Government's current ban on GM food crops should be upheld, compared with just 28 per cent who thought the ban should be lifted. Only 8 per cent of respondents strongly believed that the GM crop ban should be lifted. The remainder were undecided.

The West Australian Government is in the process of reviewing its Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Act 2003, which bans the growing of GM crops in the state. It is expected to announce its decision on whether it will keep its GM canola ban in late January.

The results of the Greenpeace commissioned poll, are consistent with the public response to the GM crop legislation review. Over 400 submissions to the review were received and less that one in ten submissions supported the lifting of the ban (2).

Louise Sales, Greenpeace Genetic Engineering Campaigner says, "The West Australian public have spoken. They do not want GM ingredients in their food or GM crops in their fields. Agriculture Minister Terry Redman must listen to the public. The only people who want GM crops grown in this state are those with a vested interest in the technology."

The report on the review of the Act, which was tabled in the WA parliament on Friday November 27, recommended that the current law banning GM crops, remain in place. The review also noted that the decision regarding whether GM food crops should be grown in the state rest entirely with the agriculture minister Terry Redman, and has called for greater transparency and public
participation in the decision making process.

(1) Newspoll survey report (PDF)
(2) WA Report on GM Crop Act Review (PDF)

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