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Tuna stocks in the Pacific Ocean have reached crisis levels
Tuna stocks in the Pacific Ocean have reached crisis levels
Taking endangered tuna out of the can

The campaign to stop GE foods has been so successful that Greenpeace has launched a new sustainable food campaign in 2010. It’s all about tuna, and what tuna lovers can do to turn the tide on overfishing.

Half of the world's tuna, and most of Australia's tuna, comes from the Pacific Ocean. But since industrial fishing started in the 1950's, tuna stocks have been declining. Now we've reached a crisis point.

Bluefin, Bigeye, Yellowfin and Albacore Tuna are in peril; Skipjack is the only healthy tuna species left. Add to this the hundreds of thousands of endangered turtles, sharks, rays and marlins that are caught and killed in tuna nets, and it's clear we need to make some massive changes to our region's tuna fishing industry.

In response, Greenpeace is running a sustainable seafood campaign, which includes a canned tuna ranking. Tuna lovers, you don't have to take tuna off your menu. What you can do is check out Greenpeace's canned tuna rankings, and make sure you're not buying the brands that contribute most to damaging our oceans.

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