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Greenpeace takes action against GE chicken feed in 2003
Greenpeace takes action against GE chicken feed in 2003
GM animal feed: one of 2010's biggest challenges

While Greenpeace only publishes our True Food shopping guide once a year, negotiations with food companies continue pretty much all year round. This is particularly the case with the big supermarkets and food manufacturers, who have significant influence on market signals.

Animal feed has emerged as a major issue for 2010. Back in 2003, Greenpeace campaigned to stop GE soya that was being imported from North America going into chicken feed.  Inghams, Steggles and Baiada all responded to customer pressure and axed GM soya from their stock feed.

But since GE canola went into the ground in Australia in 2008, public attention has focused on what we grow here, and imported GE soya has crept back into our food supply.

At the same time, indepedent animal feeding studies continue to show significant differences between animals fed GE feed and animals fed natural feed. These include differences in body weight, organ size and reproductive function. We just don't know what impact eating food products from these animals will have on people, particularly vulnerable groups like children.

Over the next few months we will be working closely with leading supermarkets like Coles, IGA and Aldi to get a gaurantee that they will not buy chicken meat that had been grown using GM feed. You can support this by emailing Coles and asking if they use GM stockfeed. Some lines you could include:

- I'm worried about eating food from animals fed GM feed

- Both the ACCC and the New Zealand Commerce Commission count GM stock feed as a GM ingredient

- Can you inform me if Coles buys from suppliers who use GM stock feed for any of its own-brand diary, eggs, meat or poultry products?

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