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contact a food company

Large food companies can make a huge difference simply by having policies that refuse ingredients from genetically engineered (GE) crops.

Your voice as a consumer can persuade companies to adopt GE-free policies.

Companies listed on the right do not have a GE-free policy in place. You can ask them to go GE-free by sending an email using the form.

What to ask when you contact a company

  • Do they use any genetically engineered ingredients?
  • Do any of their products come from animals that were fed GE food (including milk, butter, cheese, chicken, eggs and meat)?
  • Are any of their oils derived from GE crops such as soy, corn, cotton or canola?

Call a customer advisory phone line

You can also call the company's customer advisory number. These appear on most food packaging, usually near the ingredients list. Here are a few phone numbers to get you started.

  • Woolworths/Safeway: 1300 638 434
  • Kraft: 1800 033 275
  • Simplot (Bird's Eye and Leggos): 1800 061 279
  • Cadbury: 1800 250 260
  • Master Foods: 1800 816 016
  • Coopers: 08 8440 1800

» What you might hear back and how to respond

» Get listed as a GE-free company

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